Healing Atlantis

2012-05-30 22.30.59In Human Design (a nifty combination of traditional astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah and the chakras) , there are “channels” within the body graph that illuminate “what” symbolically may be happening….
Yesterday , while talking to my good friend , Kim( an amazing specialist in emergent human design – see- LoveYourDesign- by Kim Gould) I was bemoaning my seeming inability to “affirm” my way to wealth and love.  I have always LOVED the idea that our “thoughts” create our reality.  I am on board 100% that I am indeed the Master of my Fate -the Captain of my Ship….(.yadda yadda yadda) -until and unless I’m not.  So, while we chatted about  the asteroid Chiron ‘s (the wounded healer centaur ) recent move to the head center in gate 63 ,   I began to wax poetic about the pitfalls of “perfectionism” and the Atlantis trap of thinking we can “think” ourselves to “perfection”.
From a mythological standpoint, Atlantis (you know , that mystical lost continent of yore that sunk beneath waves eons ago) is symbolic of “over -rationalization”- or head over heart.  The famed civilization (whether actual or mythical is not relevant here) is most alluded to when discussing the pitfalls of technical advancements without a spiritual/ heart-centered balance.  There is an asteroid in the far reaches of our cosmos (literally) called -Atlantis.  The very cool thing right now is planet earth (our home) has it’s Atlantis placement in Gate 4.4.  Gate 4 in the ajna (third eye) makes a channel with the crown/head center -Gate 63.  Thus the Asteroid Chiron is just NOW completing a channel with the asteroid Atlantis.  I immediately thought of how Chiron’s job in that crown center is to help heal the distorted “shadows” of Atlantis’s over dependance and indeed misuse of “logic”.
Richard Rudd, describes this channel thusly : “This channel represents the scientific,  sceptical mind that has to question the logical validity of everything.  “
So, for me when I am stressing about “why” affirmations (of most kinds) are so exhausting ,I am reminded that perhaps my “design” is meant to learn through mystery and imperfection and sometimes  even brokenness.  My natal Chiron sits in Gate 63 (design) and Gate 37 (personality).  Maybe it’s ok that we are not “perfect”.  Atlantians strove for perfection -above all else and that was their ultimate downfall.  😦
My natal Atlantis placement is in Gate 46.1- conjunct my Design Child.  A while ago when I first began my HD journal I called my Design Child- Lady Bug Girl.  Interestingly I later discovered that the ladybug is an animal totem (Shadow frequency) of the Gate 46.  How absolutely fabulous is that ??!!!  Gate 46 is all about “the Science of Luck” as Rudd describes :
  “No matter what your circumstances, you can ACCEPT and recognize them as being part of GRACE.  When you move through life freely with an attitude of DELIGHT and openness -whatever happens IS correct- whether you can see ‘why’ is NOT important. “
Lady Bug Girl to the rescue indeed…..