clones , enslavement & liberation- oh my !

2012-04-12 07.23.17Some “truths” beneath the “fiction” of recent sci-fi themes ?? (Buckle up- wild ride ahead… ūüôā )
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love the Science Fiction genre. ¬†(And I’ve capitalized Science Fiction deliberately , as I still feel it’s never gotten its proper due ¬†). ¬† I grew up watching the original Star Trek TV show, and even as a little kid I knew there were deep(albeit ,cryptic for my little brain) messages coming through Roddenberry’s plot lines. ¬†Of course, I was just a little kid- so what did I know….
I remember (from the way back of the family station wagon at the local drive-in) being completely enthralled (and somewhat terrified) as astronaut Taylor shook his mighty fist at the half buried Lady Liberty. ¬†I was seven years old, ¬†and though I couldn’t grasp what was going on in my conscious/personality mind- my unconscious ( or in Human Design what we call the “design”) was already working overtime. ¬†A few years later when Beneath the Planet of the Apes came out ¬†I was mesmerized by one scene in particular: ¬†the worshipping of “ooo-sa”. ¬†And , then in that pivotal movie -moment I discovered that “ooo-sa” was the nuclear warhead (with USA logo stamped upon it). ¬† What ?? !!! ¬†That scene has stuck with me like that USA stamp. ¬†Truly- I think something broke open in my mind , and I began to question EVERYTHING. ¬†But in particular- ¬†the propaganda of religion and politics. ¬†
Don’t get me wrong- I loved going to church. ¬†In fact, I feel truly blessed to have had such an ecumenical “education” in regards to religion. ¬†The Fates made sure my fragile spirit would be nurtured in an environment of true goodwill and integrity (as Jesus himself taught). ¬†My mom grew up a Baptist and my dad a Catholic , and by the time they had me (I’m the youngest of 3) they took the best of both religions and became Episcopalians (I’m actually the only one in my family baptized as such ! ). ¬† Father Mills was so incredibly loving and patient and wise. ¬†And best of all he was very clear about the bible being a collection of stories and metaphors (or at least that’s what I remember ). ¬†I think he was my first encounter with a Jungian “healer”- though of course I had no idea of that then.
But- that growing suspicion of somehow being “duped” began to gnaw at my brain after seeing that “ooo-sa” spectacle. ¬† What was so different about them (those nuclear war survivors beneath the planet) and us -standing in church and reciting the ¬†4th century Nicene Creed in unison ???? ¬†That’s when I began to wonder- what exactly is “truth” anyway ??¬†
So -what does all this have to do with clones ???  
2012-01-16 10.36.04
No, she’s not a clone- she’s a portal of sorts. ¬†I painted her about 13 years or so ago. ¬†That triangle on her chamois dress is filled with 3 different colored beads : white to represent the angelic kingdom, red to represent the indigenous people of Earth and blue to represent beings from other star systems . ¬† She hangs beside my bed and I’ve come to know her as my inner Pallas Athene (with a Hedwig Harry Potter owl ūüôā ). ¬†For some reason unbeknownst to me (right now )she wants to be here – I’ve learned not to argue .
I think my early sci-fi exposure, through literature, TV and movies, opened my mind to “outer and inner -worldly’ possibilities ¬†that to many still seem like fantasy. ¬† Which brings me to three ¬†recent sci-fi movies that have me pondering their similar themes and symbolism.
Cloud Atlas, Oblivion and The Island all share similar themes of enslavement, awakening and liberation. ¬†And interestingly the clones are the ones who awaken to become the “saviors” of the ¬†“pure bloods, scavs and sponsers” (aka natural born humans). ¬†¬†